Our Trustees

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Chairman of Board of Trustees


Steve is the chairman of the board of trustees for Steph’s Wishes charity and Steph’s dad. His intention is to ensure that the final wish of his daughter - to set up a charity to help young people have a special and lasting memory for them and their families to hold within their hearts forever - is honoured.

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Michelle and Steph grew up together and became friends at a very early age. As they grew up they did all the normal things that children, teenagers and then young adults do. However, looking back to when they were just innocent little kids, they could never have predicted what the future would hold. And when Steph was diagnosed, her strength and determination right from the offset was the reason why Michelle continues to do what she can to try to help make a difference.

She has seen first hand what memories can do for family and friends that are dealing with the fact that a loved one is fighting the ultimate battle and although the person can never be replaced, a memory will remain with those closest to them forever and that in itself is irreplaceable.

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Cindy is Steph's mum. When Steph suggested they set up a charity to help other young people and their families like them it was an easy decision for her family to make. So Steph’s Wishes was formed and for Cindy it is a way of helping deserving young people at a time when they need to know that someone has time and hope for them and their families. Cindy is proud to be a part of something that was important to Steph and that makes a difference to young people and families at the most difficult time. 

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Allan got to know Steph's Wishes Chairman Steve via a networking group over the last couple of years, Allan decided he would like to support the charity as a Trustee to help continue the excellent work for the beneficiaries that are referred. Allan background in business means he feels it is important to be able to respond to enquiries in a timely and supportive manner to allow people to share family moments as a final wish.

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Racheal is Steph’s older sister and CEO of Steph’s Wishes. They were extremely close - you could say they were best friends. Steph wanted Racheal to be part of Steph's Wishes which is an honour for Racheal. Racheal's biggest hope is that we can help many other young people and their families who find themselves in the same position as the Knights have been in. Racheal is driven to work hard because she wants to make her sister proud and hopes that through Steph's Wishes Steph's dream and legacy live on for many years to come.

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