Steph's Wishes

Providing memory days for young people, 18 - 25 years old, with recurring or incurable cancer. 


Phone: 07855 722525

Registered Charity: 1154191

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Are you or do you know a young person (18-25) with recurring or terminal cancer who deserves a time to remember?

To be considered for a Memory Day you need:

  • to be aged 18-25 and live in the UK

  • to have been diagnosed with any form of recurring or terminal cancer*

*proof will be needed

What we can do:

We offer memorable experiences. Unfortunately, we cannot send people to Disneyland , on five-star holidays or buy them a car. But we will do our utmost to make your Memory Day all you desire and more!

To nominate someone for a Memory Day please fill in the form below.

If we cannot help fulfil the experience we may offer an alternative.

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