About Us

Steph’s Wishes is an exciting charity that was set up in memory of Stephanie Knight, who tragically died of Ewings Sarcoma in May 2013. At Steph’s Wishes we aim to give 'Memory Days' to young people in the UK, aged 18-25 years, old who have recurring or terminal cancer.


From our experience we found that when someone’s cancer returns the amount of support and help they receive is far less than with first diagnosis. We found strange as the second time round is a far scarier time as you know what to expect and have a much deeper understanding of the workings of cancer.

So that’s where we come in. We aim to give young people and their family’s experiences to share and remember for years to come. This could be a spa day, theatre trip or a day at the seaside. Anything that you and your family will enjoy!

This was Steph’s dream – to help other young people with recurring or terminal cancer have something to cherish. To honour Steph we work tirelessly to do this! #holdontohope


Our Mission

We aim to provide a memorable day out for young people diagnosed with reoccurring or incurable cancer to make memories for themselves and their families to cherish.


Our Vision

We want to give anything that takes away the feeling of being a 'cancer sufferer' and instead gives feelings of joy, happiness and times to look back on and smile. We feel this is not only helps give some light relief in a dark times but also for months and years after.

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