Steph’s Wishes aims to provide a memorable day for young people diagnosed with recurring or terminal cancer to make memories for themselves and their families to cherish.

Our aim is to support families at a time when their lives have been turned upside down by their diagnosis and to help them be together and smile for at least a day,  just to help them to forget for a moment.

holidayA memory day can be anything that a young person would like to do with family and friends, it could be a simple family meal at home cooked by a chef, a day at the seaside or a family portrait or anything you feel could create a lasting memory.

 In these times of uncertainty and endless hospital appointments we want give young people and their families some time to just be a family, or a time for young people to just let loose with their friends. We want to give anything that takes away the feeling of being a “cancer sufferer” and gives feelings of joy, happiness and times to look back on and smile. We feel this is not only helps give some light relief in a dark times but also for months and years after.


So if you know a young person, suffering with recurring or terminal cancer, get in touch and we hope to bring them a magical memory day!!




Please Note: We have a maximum budget per applicant as this will allow us to fulfill more memory days and only within the uk.