steph and barnabyOn the 8th October 2012, Stephanie went into have her right leg, hip and pelvis amputated. It was at this time that the local pub where Steph’s mum Cindy worked, decided to raise funds to help with both providing equipment and to help Stephanie in the future, so a monthly quiz  night was organised.  Also a facebook page was set-up and run by Steph and her sister Racheal to raise awareness and tell Steph’s Story.
When people in the community heard about Stephanie’s operation, people came to us asking if they could help by doing their own fundraisers and before we knew it the funds were coming in from all of the events and we were totally blown away.
At this point we all hoped Stephanie’s operation would rid her of her cancer and she would have a long but challenging life to live but with the help of everyone raising funds to start her off it would be made easier.
It was at this point that Stephanie first said that “ When I am better , I think I want to start a charity to help others as i have been so lucky”. These words will stay with us always and give us all the drive and determination to continue her wish.
But unfortunately this was not to be and as soon as Stephanie was told her illness was terminal she and us decided that the funds raised would go to setting up a charity in her honour.
We all decided that due to the lack of charity’s that support 18year-25year olds whose cancer’s reoccur this is where we need to focus.
Stephanie gave us all a great deal of insight into what was important to a person whose cancer had reoccurred. How it made them feel, how they felt for their families and friends and how they looked at the future. This has given us so much understanding of what we need to do to help other young people, their families and friends when we help them to make their memory’s.Icebar
Since Stephanie lost her battle with cancer in May 2013 we have continued to fundraise and still had the support of so many others fundraising for us and are now planning events for the future to ensure we can fullfil many wishes for young people in future years.
Our charity trustees are a mixture of old friends, new friends and family but everyone involved was so inspired by Stephanie’s determination and inspiration and wanted to be part of her charity and are passionate and committed to making it a success.
So this is how Steph’s wishes came about and for us, her family and friends, we will ensure that Stephanie’s legacy to live life with a positive attitude with family and friends by your side and most of all, to always hold onto hope, will see us all deliver memory making days for so many families in the future.

So please support us in our cause to make a special memory for a young cancer sufferer to cherish for years to come!