Steven Knight

My name is Steve Knight; I am the chairman of the board of trustees for the Steph’s wishes charity. Stephanie was my daughter, and it is my intention to ensure we fulfill the final wishes for my daughter to set a charity up to help young people have a special and lasting memory for them and their families to hold within their hearts forever.

Stephanie was such a brave, inspirational and kind hearted person who we miss dearly everyday. She touched so many peoples hearts, I am determined that her life, legacy and story will live on for many years to come.

In completing Stephanie’s bucket list, we have experienced so many things that we will treasure all of our life, we were so proud of her, and her achievements throughout her short time with us.

Having such a terrible illness as cancer changes all the lives of a family, but one of the things it does do is make you realise what is actually important to you. The person can never be replaced and will always leave a big hole never to be filled. The charity’s aim is to support the patient in giving an experience to leave with a family to remember the happy times together. We hope that with this charity, we can help be a part of helping you achieve something to hold on to for years to come.