Racheal Cross

Hi, Im Racheal, Steph’s older sister and CEO of Steph’s Wishes.

Obviously I am involved as Steph was my sister. We were extremely close, best friends and all that have done and still do is for her.

Steph was so brave, courageous and selfless, always thinking of others and how she could help them. That’s why I am honored that she wanted me to be part of Steph’s Wishes. I hope that we can help so many other young people and their families who have found themselves in the same position as we have been in. To some a memory day may sound trivial considering the enormity of what these families are facing, but from experience I can safely say that the simple, fun filled days make the hard days so much easier to deal with.

I hope to do my sister proud and hope that through us her dream and legacy live on for many years to come.