Michelle Ives

Hi Everyone. My name is Michelle and it was an honour when I was asked to be a trustee for such an amazing charity.
There are many reasons why I have supported the charity from the beginning but the main one is all down to Steph herself. She was an intelligent, beautiful, kind and caring young women and even at the hardest point in her life she remained selfless and continued to raise money for charities to help other young people in the same position as she was and I intend to try and carry this on for her.

I grew up with Steph and became friends at a very early age. As we grew up we did all the normal things that children, teenagers and then young adults do. However, looking back to when we were just innocent little kids we could never have predicted what the future would hold and when Steph was diagnosed her strength and determination right from the offset is the reason why I continue to do what I can to try and help make a difference.

I have seen first hand what memories can do for family and friends that are dealing with the fact that a loved one is fighting the ultimate battle and although the person can never be replaced, a memory will remain with those closest to them forever and that in itself is irreplaceable.

So I hope that if you are reading this you will think about anything you can do to help us keep the Charity going, not only to keep Stephs legacy alive but also to help make a difference in so many other peoples lives as well.