Tanyel’s Thrilling Weekend

Tanyel is 19, and had Metatstic PNET/Ewings sarcoma

Tanyel wanted a fun, trill filled break with friends and family…so we sent them to Thorpe Park!

Tanyel spent two days, with her partner, Mum and Dad at the resort with full VIP Fast Trak passes to all rides and Premium food vouchers to fill those hungry bellies, We even arranged for 2 of Tanyel’s friends to join them at the park for one of the days so they could create some special memories together,

They then spent the night in the on site Shark Hotel where they had dinner and drinks and some quality time together.

Tanyel had this to say

“When you are diagnosed with cancer your outlook on life changes. Your world turns upside down, you want to do things that make you happy, you want to keep busy and keep your mind off the tough journey have ahead of you. I was first diagnosed in 2013 and finished treatment April 2014. Sadly I then relapsed just six months later in October 2014.

In January 2014 I was told about Steph’s Wishes, Lara my support worker contacted them and they got in touch, They asked me what i would like for a Memory day, I asked for a break at Thorpe park……Thanks to them I had 2 amazing days with my family and friends. I cannot Thank them enough,

Remember live for today because tomorrow is never promised, believe in yourself, stay strong and never give up.

Thank you Stephs Wishes”

Thanks to Thorpe park VIP and the Shark Hotel for their help in making Tanyel’s time so special.

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