Memory Days

Stephanie always said it was the simple things done with the people she loved that meant the most. To see them smile made her smile and maybe just for that moment forget about the reality of her situation. This is what we aim to give to other young people and their families.

What is a Memory day?

A memory day is just as it sounds. A day, evening or event for a young person to enjoy with their family or friends that will create a lomdon eyelasting happy memory. We believe from our experience that even in the darkest of times, you can still have fun because where there is love, there is always hope and with hope comes the ability to conquer our own challenges and choose to enjoy the time we have, no matter what the circumstances.

Can I ask for anything?

Within reason yes. As a new small charity we do have budget restrictions but we will try to do what we can to help you. Our days are based around  fun and quality times so anything that fits into that, we will endeavor to make a memory for you.

How do I nominate myself or somebody for a memory?becky jones3

If you or the person you wish to nominate fall into the criteria required, simply fill in the Nomination Form and we will be in touch and hopefully make your memory day a reality.


Where there is love, there is hope, so please help us make magical memory’s for so many young people who need it the most!