Meet our new team!

Exciting times ahead for Steph’s Wishes

Over the past few months there have been changes a plenty here at Steph’s Wishes.

With nominations increasing year on year we having to learn quickly how to adapt and be the best possible support for these amazing young people and their families.

One of these changes is the introduction of a new board of Trustees, ofcourse the core team remains the same, Steph’s Mum and Dad, Steve and Cindy and me, Racheal, Steph’s sister remain in our roles. But we have been joined by some amazing people who are passionate about making the charity the best it can be.

Check out Our Trustees page for a brief introduction to our new team!

We would like to thank all our previous Trustees for their hard work, support and input into making Steph’s Wishes what is it today!

Want to get involved, why not contact us and become a memory maker volunteer!